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Haircut Delivery

Haircut Delivery is the Safest Way to get a haircut.

SpaDash is servicing Austin and surrounding areas currently with appointments available through the SpaDash App.

All appointments are done by a professional that is licensed by the State of Texas and masked for everyone's protection. Every appointment starts by placing a single-use, sanitized hair tarp to protect your flooring from debris and contaminents, and all equipment is sanitized using the same solution infectious disease hospital labs use.

About Us

SpaDash is an on-demand mobile haircuts service. You no longer need to wait in line at the barbershop or hair salon. Download the SpaDash app today and have a insured and licensed hair stylist come right to your location at the time you choose. They bring all the necessary tools to cut and style your hair just like you would get at the salon, but without having to drive and wait.

Studies show that we waste between 40 minutes to well over an hour on getting our hair cut each time. If you cut your hair just 6 times per year that is a whole day of work. What would you do with an exta day off? Reclaim that time in your day to do more meaningful things with work, family and friends, with SpaDash.

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No More Waiting To Get Your Hair Cut.

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Read the latest news, notes and happenings in the haircare industry. Whether you are a barber, a hair stylist or a customer that gets your hair cut at a barbershop or a hair salon, these articles will help inform you on the latest hair styles and fashions. Learn the benfits of using a mobile barber to get your hair cut near you.